Fitness soapbox…

November 27, 2013

Using words like "summation" and "i.e." I rant about the necessities of fitness and all it requires:  diet, exercise and consistency.


Hippie and the Caveman Ep 3. Special Guest: LA Filmmaker, Scott Seagren….

October 25, 2013

Ali and Jeff catch up after some time apart and discuss sick kids, reproduction, conception vs inception and interview 'Survival of the Dumbest' and Exid Media founder Scott Seagren.


Hippie and the Caveman Episode Deux

September 19, 2013

Pirates, spray tans and latex.  Need I say more?


Hippie and the Caveman Episode 1

September 1, 2013

My first guest on 'A Day in the Life Of...", Alicia joins me and chaos ensues.  We cover everything from Canada to Ben Affleck. 


Introduction to ‘A Day in the Life Of….’

August 26, 2013

Reading descriptions takes time.  I offer the audio so you can multitask.  You are welcome.