‘The Land of Boz’ (gratis) with Jeff Bosley

ep 21 ‘The Land of Boz’ Tue Oct 30

January 31, 2020


-Huge thanks to Alison @alisondjf

- #Smurfs song leading to #MassMurder.

- #RedSox house key and meds from #India.

-History:  Some fun today.  Mars and Goulet.

-Jeff's Journal.

- #Cowboy term or #Sex term with Scott,  @seegz887 defending his title against Alex.  Scott looks to take the Title Belt from Alex....does he?

- Friend chat.  An astonishingly honest, real and inspirational in person talk with Kelli Jones, @kellijones_ , after our #TranscendentalMeditation session at the #DavidLynchFoundation, @davidlynchfoundation.  Kelli is as real as a #Navy Vet living in a world of chaos as anyone I have ever met.  I was in awe of her belief system and spiritual work ethic.

-Transcendental Meditation isn't sitting on a mountain blocking thoughts.  It's an acceptance and embracing of the chaos.  Read 'Strength in Stillness' by Bob Roth @meditationbob.

-The David Lynch Foundation now has scholarships for Vets.  If you are looking at finding that thing you feel you are missing, contact them asap. 







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