‘The Land of Boz’ (gratis) with Jeff Bosley

Bosley For Reacher LIVE stream chat ep 4

March 30, 2019

First ~30 min structured topics will be addressed then live interaction...

Video will stay up here and audio will be available on #itunes and #spotify.




-Latest news.  Agents/Managers...can't be a pest.

-Why do I want to be JR?  Early years.  Tall roles don't exist.  

-Who/What influenced me?

-Series timeline

-Insider info regarding timing...?

-Bosley For Reacher T shirts

-If they go with another actor?  Do I know of any other actor fighting for this role?

-Paramount/Skydance connections?

-Thanks for fighting for me in other groups.

-Don't hire NFL stars or NON actors.

-People saying "Reacher wouldn't do that, wouldn't have a beard, wouldn't wear his hat backward...".

-250lbs isn't 250lbs on screen.

-MP reality.  Hybrid with Green Beret.

-Most military have tattoos and beards post-service, but it can be remedied.

-What am I doing daily?  Training, dieting, changing shape of face, studying acting, reading, prepping...ALL through the Jack Reacher role's eyes.

-Naked Blue tour.

34:15 we go to Q&A and free chat...

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